Outreach Work

The geographic area served by CECAA covers nearly 8,400 square miles in 4 counties. Our outreach efforts enable us to serve our clients in their own communities. Approximately 500 households were served last year.

To provide ready access to our services, program facilitators contact clients in their own communities in public settings such as senior meal sites, libraries or community centers; at our office in Limon; or if necessary, in their own homes.

SHIP/SMP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program and Senior Medicare Patrol) helps fund our senior services program which is designed to assist seniors with Medicare counseling as well as fraud education and prevention.

Services include free assistance to low and moderate income clients in preparing and filing tax returns (Colorado PTC 104, as well as State and Federal income tax). From January through April, 201, free tax preparation was provided for over 300 people, resulting in over $225,000 in refunds being returned to our communities. The tax clinic remains open by appointment at our Limon office throughout the year.

Administrative funding for the Outreach programs is provided by a federal Community Services Block Grant administered by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

In 2009 CECAA was the recipient of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding in the amount of $55,926. The purpose was to remove barriers to employment. We sponsored a series of workshops and provided eligible clients with mini grants to promote long term gainful employment.

Emergency utility assistance is provided by a grant from Energy Outreach Colorado. Once per grant year (October through September) low income clients who have already exhausted their LEAP funding for the year are eligible for emergency energy assistance.